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Hunter Smith Racing

Why the number 30?

Hunter's Story:

    With a history of cancer in his family, Hunter wanted to use his racing platform to help raise cancer awareness.  Hunter's grandmother was lost to lung cancer before he was born, his grandfather lost a battle with bladder cancer in 2005, and in 2013 his aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Hunter also has a great aunt who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis.  In 2013, Hunter decided to change his racing number to "30".  The "30" would represent the 30 million people worldwide battling cancers and MS.

"30 isn't just a number to me.  It represents so much more.  We come out here and we may have a bad day at the track, but it's nothing like some of the 'bad days' so many others are having.  The folks who battle these diseases and fight everyday are my heroes and this is just my way of honoring them.  Every car I get in with the no. 30 on the door is their car, too."